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Rescue is the premier waxing and facial spa in Orange County, CA. We specialize in full body waxing and problem solving facials. We provide the highest quality services, unbeatable prices, a very clean environment, and carry excellent skin care products.

 For advanced cosmetic skin treatments and plastic surgery procedures, we refer all our clients to Dr. Portney.

Rescue has teamed with Communities For Cause to help raise funds for charities and schools. Please visit their official website to explore how you might help your local charity and/or school!


$55 a month gives a choice of one hour massage or a Full European facial, 25% off all services (example: $45 for a facial, $30 – Brazilian bikini)

Membership Details:

• To enroll in Rescue Club, you will need a valid ID & credit card.
• Rescue membership requires a 6-month or 12-month agreement. Your membership is auto-renewable. Make a one-time payment in full. An automatic monthly payment plan is also available. Credit card will be charged the first of each month.
• Your first treatment of the month is included with the membership. Any additional treatments during the month are at membership prices. If you do not schedule an appointment one month, your service will be available the next month.
• Club memberships are not refundable or transferable.
• Due to the discount we are extending to members, your 25% off additional spa treatments is only on regularly priced spa services, and your membership must stay active for a 6 or 12 consecutive billing cycles.
• Please provide 24 hours notice of cancellation to avoid being charged for your service.
• Spa Membership dues do not include gratuities.
30 day cancellation notice required.


Gratuity is not included in the salon service price, but is left at the client’s discretion.

Spa Etiquette

We ask that at all times you speak with a quiet salon voice. Please respect other clients and refrain from use of cell phones while in the salon. Smoking is not permitted in the spa.

Health Conditions

Please advise the receptionist when booking appointments of any health conditions, allergies or injuries that might affect your salon treatment.


Please consult with your physician prior to booking salon appointments.

Gift Certificates

Our customized gift certificates are the perfect gift for any occasion and can be purchased as a special gift at any time.

Loss or Damage

We regret that we cannot be responsible for any loss or damage to personal articles and valuables during your visit to the salon.

Late Arrival for Spa Treatment

Please note that should you arrive late for your treatment, your esthetician may have to shorten the duration of your service to not inconvenience other clients. Full rates would still apply.

Cancellation Policy

To book an appointment, we require a credit card for authorization. Please allow a 24-hour notice for cancellation or rescheduling of appointments to avoid a 50% charge. Regarding packages, in case of a no-show or failure to cancel less than 24-hours, a credit from the package will be deducted or a fee of 50% must be paid.


During ALL waxing services, we use medical gloves and medical wooden spatulas. WE DON’T DO DOUBLE DIPPING!

Rescue Skin Care and Waxing Studio’s competitive edge is its unique combination of services, locations, and customer-centric focus. Rescue Skin Care and Waxing Studio has set out since its inception to provide quality and dependable services. All customers leave with a feeling that their needs were met well beyond any expectations that they previously had and far better than any competitor. This customer-centric business model “one-stop service culture” is not just rhetoric; it is very successful in the U.S.

#1: Our technique. It’s different because it’s fast and almost painless, well, as painless as the experience can be!

#2: The products that we use on your skin. To avoid any infection, or after wax reactions, we use a special product- Germicide & Bactericide Lotion. This is a powerful antiseptic against germs, bacteria, and certain viruses. Since it does not contain any alcohol or any of its derivatives, the application of this pre-epilator antiseptic will not produce any evaporation that could cause tightening of the ostias, therefore making wax epilating less painful. The quality of wax is very important. Our wax is creamy, warm (not hot!), and made especially for sensitive skin. Most spas use a cheaper wax made out of tree resins (sometimes different colors). This type of wax has a tendency to break the hair and not remove it by the root. Clients do not know of all these “tricks”. The client thinks, “Wow! It doesn’t hurt!” BUT, because the root was NOT removed the Spa will get the client back in 2 WEEKS for the same service. And ingrown hair! It becomes a huge problem because the skin regenerates over the hair follicle socket after the hair has been broken and the root is damaged and not properly removed. The quality of strips is very important as well. We use 100% Egyptian cotton muslin, which is frequently used in medical facilities for different purposes. The tighter structure of the fabric, the better it provides a more thorough pull on the hair. After this high quality waxing service, we do not need to see clients for approximately 4-6 weeks. To avoid trouble ingrown hair we suggest using the product “PFB”.

#3: We run a very clean and hygienic practice. All the tools and products are properly sterilized and cleaned.

Now, about our facials. We are also well known for our customized European facials (check our services). It’s very inexpensive. Everyone can afford to have this wonderful

experience every few months. We take care of you the old fashioned way. Hands on, with cleansing, steaming, extractions (and not just a few minutes for extractions and it’s done!) No, we use tools and fingers to be sure you have zero blackheads. We follow with a massage and intensive treatments and masks; all in one treatment! Shoulders and feet are massaged as well. Ahhh….

We always appreciate all new and returning clients and are happy to provide excellent service for everyone! 

Recent News from Rescue Studio

Life Cycle of a FacialInfographic – Brought to you

Mandelic Acid

Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) extracted from bitter almond. It has a long, safe history of use in medicine as an oral antibiotic, but has only recently become popular in skincare. Its use in skincare was pioneered by Dr Fulton, one of the researchers who developed Retin-A. In his view mandelic acid is the best skin active to come along since Retin-A.

Mandelic acid is an appropriate treatment for a wide variety of skin concerns, from acne to wrinkles; it is especially good in the treatment of adult acne as it addresses both of these concerns. One of the advantages of Mandelic Acid is that it is safer to use on darkly pigmented skin than glycolic acid or tretinoin. 5% to 10% glycolic acid and tretinoin can trigger hyperpigmentation in darkly pigmented skin.

Mandelic acid has excellent results in the treatment of acne. It can improve inflammatory pustular, comedonal, and papular acne and has been shown to be effective even in individuals resistant to antibiotics (systemic and/or topical). Results can be visible within days of starting a mandelic acid skincare regime.

Extensive trials show that as well as treating acne, mandelic acid has other significant long term benefits for the skin. The diagram on the left shows some typical issues seen in damaged skin that mandelic acid products may improve.

Individuals using Mandelic acid characteristically report the following benefits:

Hyperpigmentation: Typically use of mandelic acid products results in a steady, gradual improvement in abnormal pigmentation over a period of months. Improvements have been recorded in melasma (including dermal melasma), postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, and lentigines (age spots). Use of mandelic acid products can increase the effectiveness of other pigment correcting treatments.

Fine wrinkles and lines. As with glycolic acid, skin texture visibly improves within days or weeks. This effect continues over months and years of treatment resulting in a long-term improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.



Antibiotic: Mandelic acid is unique because it has a natural antibiotic action. No other Alpha Hydroxy Acid has this.

Renewal: As well as being antibacterial, Mandelic acid works by breaking up the bond between dead skin cells, leading to an increased rate of cellular turnover.

This is beneficial because it purges the skin of damaged skin cells, which can lead to wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and acne, among other conditions. The result is skin that is more flexible, smoother, and more even in tone.

The diagram on the right illustrates the functions of healthy skin that mandelic acid products can help support.

Mandelic acid has a larger molecular structure than glycolic acid and this makes it better tolerated on the skin. Despite being less irritatiing, mandelic acid is in fact stronger than glycolic acid, having a pK of 3.41. In comparison, glycolic acid has a pK of 3.83 (the lower the pK value, the stronger the acid). Mandelic acid belongs to a sub-group of AHAs known as aromatic alpha hydroxy acids, and is the smallest aromatic AHA.


Ingrown Hair Nightmare- An article from Cosmopolitan Magazine




We thought this would be an interesting read for our clients, especially those who are frequent waxers. Cosmo presents a very informative article about those petty ingrown hairs!



How Can I Achieve A Natural Appearance Without Surgery?



Dr. Portney: I am able to address global rejuvenation of the face and body with the following: Botox relaxes lines of expression, dermal fillers replace volume, PRP (Platelet Rich
Plasma) or “Dracula Treatment” turns back the clock completely. I am one of the few doctors in California who offers this unique treatment.

What is PRP? It stimulates DNA repair, heals scars, and makes dry, sagging, and wrinkled skin look and feel
younger naturally without the need of synthetic fillers or harsh and painful lasers. There is NO recovery time!

PRP is obtained from your own blood (we draw it from you on the day of your treatment). It is very popular now in dentistry and orthopedists practices. Tiger Wood’s knee
injury was treated with PRP.

PRP requires an artistic eye. Whether we are filling lips or wrinkles, or treating volume loss, natural appearing results are extremely technique dependent and an eye for symmetry
and beauty is a must!

If you have any questions, please contact Rescue Skin Care & Waxing Studio Ladera Ranch!

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